A Basic Example of CRUD with DataGridView in VB.Net

Intended for new developers, or at least new to ADO.Net, this post will demonstrate how to Create, Read, Update and Insert data into a MS SQL Server database. We will use a VB.Net winforms project, DataGridView and SqlDataAdapters. You can pull down the complete project from GitHub here.

UPDATE: I have also published a similar example application done with Code First EntityFramework 6.

The finished Form looks like this:
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Grouping DataRows with Linq from DataSet in VB.Net

Today I thought I’d break out of the mold a bit and give the VB.Netters a little love.
I recently came across some code that was generating server-side HTML from rows of a DataTable. The data was similar to this one, rows would contain redundant header values (Category) and unique content values (Name, Value):


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